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Baby Oodles introduces…

“WELCOME TO THE WORLD BABY” BLESSING GIFTS +For the maternity sections of multispecialty hospitals, Maternity homes and Nursing homes. We are offering the Gifts of love that the Hospitals and maternity homes can present to the relieving patient’s new born baby as a token of remembrance. Be part of the Celebrations with a special new Mom and Dad at the birth of their new bundle of joy by surprising them at the hospital with a thoughtful and useful gift. Since the new parents likely already have many of the ordinary supplies they'll need for the first few months, you can give them a gift that will help to provide them with a more joy and personal touch they can expect. Each of the Gift can be embellished with the hospital logo/insignia/words of blessings for lifetime remembrance and brand recollection each time the new parents, friends, relatives and even strangers look at or use it.



  • Today healthcare marketing has grown aggressively in seeking any possible edge not only to draw patients to certain facility but even to retain them.When considering where to have a baby, women are wooed by the amenities and hospitality as much as medicine.
  • The parents expect best value for money as far as services are concerned apart from healthcare for child birth.
  • The advent of social media has made it convenient for parents and visitors to comment, gripe or share their pleasurable experience at the maternity home in real time.
  • A GIFT OF BLESSING creates a feel good connect with the new parent not only at the time of gifting but everytime they use the product.
  • Babyoodles “Blessings Gifts” are a unique collection of carefully selected products tender and useful for the babies and lovable by parents.
  • Provided with beautiful gift packing (packing can be customised with hospital branding)
  • Exclusive and attractive Pricing.

If you would like to order “WELCOME TO THE WORLD BABY” BLESSING GIFTS+in bulk quatity, please fill out our wholesale request form below so we can provide information to you as soon as possible. We look forward to doing business with you. Call us at +91-97805-66666 for assistance.



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