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Quilted Blanket / Bedcover

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Quilted blanket & bed covers are the excellent bedding choices when you wish to add comfort to your baby bedding for snuggly, restful and blissful sleeping nights. We at BabyOodles offer a wide spectrum of quilted blankets and supportive bed covers along with a diversity of patterns, stunning designs, styles, kid attracting colors & beautiful themes.

We know your baby’s bedding is valuable to you & you want to choose it carefully. Our quilted blankets and bed covers are ideal, as they help you to keep your baby comfortable in summer as well as winter. Each of our gorgeous crochet baby blankets & quilted blankets will support toddlers to feel cozy and contained during cool nights.

Besides offering warmth & comfort, all of our baby bedding items are kid-centric, which further acts like the icing on a cake. For example, our kid's blankets & baby quilted blankets are based on different kid-focused themes like happy daisies theme, racer theme, bed cover London theme, sports theme, jungle theme, alphabet themes, garden themes and much more.

Each of our baby bedding items will bring joy & delight in your life, not for just now, but for many more years to come. Not only are the baby blanket’s fabric selections, themes, patterns and designs gorgeous & stunning, but also offer warmth & safeguard from cool & windy days. Be sure to zoom out our bedding items images for finer details about the product quality.

Take your time to browse through our extensive collection of quilted blanket & bed covers, there are lots of products to see for yourself just how remarkable our bedding items really are.  We endeavor to display respects and value for the baby quilted blankets by properly showcasing in front of you. Our range of bedding products doesn’t only include kids blankets, quilted blankets, bedcovers, we also stock lightweight bedding accessories like neck support pillow, crib sets, AC quilts, comforters, soft cushions, charming baby clothing, bathing accessories and much more.

Now, the restless nights due to your baby’s interrupted nights are just the things of past for you as you can grab affordable bedding products at Also, you can wrap your newborn baby in a great comfort and style with our soft-to-touch & cuddly baby quilted blankets & bedcovers. Add restful nights to you & your baby’s life with our cozy & lightweight quilted blankets, bed covers, and other bedding solutions. BabyOodles come with something for every kind of kid, whether you have a studious or an exuberant little player on your hands. You just need to create a coordinate bond between your baby comforter & some matching bedding accessories and bedroom decors for a cohesive look in your baby’s bedroom.  If you are also looking for some neck support pillow, baby crib set and other cases as well, make sure to check out our online collection of baby products for some inspiration. 

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